Maya Day and Beach Club

Ever want to experience a Vegas style club in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further than Maya Day and Night Club. This place brings high end bottle service, pool parties, and world renowned DJ’s under one roof at this extravagant hot spot in Scottsdale. If you’ve been here before, you know you’re going to get an outstanding experience that you will not soon forget. The layout of the club is HUGE and can hold close to 1,000 people.

The Daytime Experience

When you go to Maya during the day, you can expect to see lots of beautiful people showing off their beach bodies and sipping cold drinks by the pool. If you go on a weekend like most people do, you can also expect to experience some great music played by their house DJ. If it’s a special event, you will most likely get blessed with some of the top music acts in the nation. Maya doesn’t hold back when it comes to throwing some awesome events, so the price of admission can get pretty high depending on what event you’re going to. The last event I attended here was hosted by the internationally known entertainer, Lil Jon, so the cost of admission was $60. I had no problem paying this price to get into this venue because it was my birthday weekend and that was quite a way to celebrate! If you do go to the pool parties they put on, I would recommend renting one of their cabanas. Most of the time they require you purchase a bottle, but if you’re with a group of friends, chances are you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for drinks. Why not just put all of that money towards a bottle and have a way better experience?

The Nighttime Experience

Maya gets pretty rowdy during the night because of hundreds of club-goers that attend this place. I’ve never been here on a weekend night where the place wasn’t slam packed, so if you don’t like large crowds of people, you should probably sit this one out. One of my favorite features of this club is the huge wrap around bar that’s located inside. The outside area still has an active bar during the nights but with the huge pool in the middle of the outside area, space is certainly limited. During the nights they usually have a well known DJ spinning records so you can usually expect a moderately expensive cover charge when you come here. The way I look at it is that you pay for what you get. If you’re not into electronic dance music and vibrant energy flowing throughout the club, you can always go down the street to one of the less extravagant clubs.

Final Thoughts

Usually, clubs like this attract a certain crowd in Scottsdale that include guys on steroids and girls with huge and fake boobs. Luckily, Maya has a good street team that markets to a diverse crowd so you don’t get your typical Scottsdale club crowd at this venue. All in all, I would say that Maya is one of my favorite night clubs in Scottsdale and I plan on tearing up the dance floor at this venue for as long as they’re open. This post has been sponsored by If you need any landscaping services done in Scottsdale, NTS Landscaping Contractors can get the job done right at an affordable price.

Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale AZ

Bottled Blonde is a nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale that opened in early 2015. This club was opened by a couple of guys that own multiple clubs in the Scottsdale area which is why it started off as a massive success and continues to draw huge crowds every weekend. The setup of this club is pretty straight forward. There’s a large bar area located towards the entrance of the club so you can get your hands on your first drink within minutes of entering the establishment. There’s a large patio are located outside that has booths, tables, and an overall great setup for outside seating which is great for accommodating large groups of people.

What can you expect when you come to Bottled Blonde?

The best part about this club is the energetic atmosphere that it provides. Most people that go to clubs want to hear great music, drink, and usually dance the night away. This is exactly what you can expect when you enter Bottled Blonde! They are great at hiring awesome DJ’s that get the party going and keep it going all night long. The drink prices are pretty standard and comparable to other venues that are similar in the Scottsdale area. The security guards, hostesses, and bartenders are all professional and friendly. All the employees at this bar create a fun environment but are also responsible when it comes to serving drinks so you don’t have to worry about people getting out of control or “blacked out” drunk. They keep a great eye on their guests and make sure everyone is enjoying their time at the club and drinking responsibly. This might seem like a small detail but you would be surprised at how many clubs don’t care about their guests and only care about making money. These places are easy to spot because they’ll usually have a couple guests that have drank too much alcohol but the bartenders will continue to serve these folks until they are so drunk they can’t even bust their wallets out of their pockets! This is the point where they will stop serving these types of guests because if they’re not making money off of them, they’ve got to go! This is horrible because it should be about safety and enjoyment over making money but not every club in the Scottsdale area operates like this.

DJ’s and Entertainment

Bottled Blonde has brought in lots of great electronic music acts ranging from local talent to nationally known DJ’s. On the local level, they usually bring in DJ Tee Shirt and DJ Contemporary. These two DJ’s have a spot in their weekend lineups because they bring in a good crowd of people and are experienced DJ’s that know how to get the crowds energized and dancing. Some of the bigger name acts they’ve brought in include: Steve Aoki, Twelfth Plant, & Kaskade. The club owners have learned that their audience is going to be large regardless of how much they spend on entertainment so the bigger acts have been far and few between lately. This hasn’t affected their attendance at all so in the future I doubt they will be paying lots of money on DJ’s when they already have all the local talent they need to make a lot of revenue. We hope this insight into Bottled Blonde will help you decided if this club is right for you or not. Please drop us a line and let us¬†know if you’ve been to this club and if you loved it, hated it, or were completely indifferent.

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Hello and welcome to your one stop shop for all the information you need to know regarding clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona! Our team has lived in the Scottsdale area for many years and we have gone to every single club in Old Town Scottsdale, and in north Scottsdale. The purpose of this blog is to inform residents and visitors of the best night clubs this city has to offer! Scottsdale is an awesome spot for night life and club dwelling with your friends and is home to over 100 nightclubs! Seems like a lot considering most of them are in Old Town and this part of the city is only a few square miles. It might seem overwhelming when you step into the flashing lights and long lines out the door, so read this blog first before you waste your time or hard earned money dancing the night away.

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, Nevada, than I’m sure you’re familiar with how over priced clubs can be. From the cost of just getting in the door to the outrageous drink prices, clubs can be a total waste if you go to the wrong one that doesn’t suit your needs. Scottsdale can be no different than Vegas as some of them charge ridiculous prices at the door. Most of the clubs in Scottsdale are pretty reasonable when it comes to drinks (about half the price of Vegas at most) but that doesn’t mean you can’t break the bank from one night out partying. We hope you’re able to use this blog as guide on what clubs to go to and what clubs not to go to.